About Travis

Travis_Headshot2015_2The 2015–2016 academic year marks my 37th year of high school, including the four years I spent as a student. Since 2008 I have had the privilege of serving as Head of School at Marin Academy. Before MA, I held leadership positions at The Wheeler School in Providence, University High School in San Francisco, The Winsor School in Boston, and The Groton School in Groton, Massachusetts.

I started my career as an English teacher and coach after graduating from UVA, but have been excited by independent schools since I attended them myself. My father was a submarine captain, so I had the opportunity to attend several schools, including a boarding school in Scotland.

I believe that the best schools, like the best teachers, are both loving and rigorous. As a teacher, advisor, coach, and administrator, my goal has been to sustain and to build lasting traditions of excellence in the many worlds of a school, in the classroom and curriculum, with students, faculty and parents. In all those constituencies, I have found joy in the complexity that makes a school work and a community grow.

When the school day is over, I enjoy spending time with my family (my partner Liz and I have twin sons, Henry and Jack) and reading poetry.


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