Some time to do nothing

Every year at this time of the year, I am confounded by how quickly time can pass. No matter your celebrations, December marks a 50% completion of the school year we’re engaged in. Looking out my window with the rain clouds in the wind, I marvel at where August went and how we got to this moment. Our 9th graders are no longer new. Our seniors are fully engaged in discovering and creating their next steps. Is it possible to stop and take a breath? We have to make this possible not only for our children but also for ourselves.

At this time of year, I believe that reflection, encouragement and enthusiasm are the necessary antidotes to regret and the anxiety about how to get it all done.  I guess it’s the moment where we have to decide if we look at the glass half full or half empty, nostalgia for what’s passed, or  anticipation of what’s to come. For me, December is always about anticipation about what’s to come. Our students have completed one portion of their endeavors on all fronts, academic, athletic, artistic. They have the rest of then year to build on what they have begun, change plans, shape approaches, and anticipate with curiosity the inevitable unexpected that a second semester will bring. For sure, a reflection on how it went is the key to creating an engaged and productive second half of the year. But before that, let’s press pause. Let’s rest. Let’s read a book or watch a movie. Let’s fully engage in doing nothing for a space of time.


About Travis

Head of School, Marin Academy.
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