Celebrating 20-Year and 25-Year Anniversaries at MA

Chris Alexander: 20-Years

ChrisAlexanderThe written word is honored so deeply by Chris that his students quickly learn the power not only of words but also of syntax, diction, and the carefully placed comma. And these are not just esoteric values appreciated mostly by us English teachers. They reflect a belief that meaningful communication is the source of compassionate and authentic relationships. A musician himself, Chris brings an understanding of the power of language and art to all that he does. He reads extensively, thinks deeply, and engages relentlessly with ideas. We are all lucky to have such a philosopher amongst us, one who cares about each of us. Chris, thank you for always putting your students first, for valuing the weight and power of the written word, and for reminding us that how we speak is as important as what we say.

Bob Schleeter: 25-Years

BobSchleeterTo watch Bob at work with his students is to encounter an artist who understands the possibilities that emerge when individuals come together to make music. Student artists are embraced by Bob on their individual journeys. They learn about the power of the community, about incorporating feedback into their work as much as they provide the same to their band members. Somehow Bob is able to accomplish this without a student losing heart, losing confidence, or losing face. It is this deft hand, this absolute belief in the possibility of each student that characterizes his work. A father, a teacher, a musician, Bob brings a sense of history that is comforting and a wonder about the future that is engaging to all that he does. Bob, thank you for your relentless dedication to our community, our students, and to the belief that music must be a staple of all of our lives.


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Head of School, Marin Academy.
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