New Leaders in Our Community

Excitement and energy permeated the air of MA’s campus early this morning as the senior class joined together in the Circle, sporting matching shirts and festive accessories. Today they claimed their position as leaders of the school—a tradition MA has long embraced. Although the seniors had many opportunities throughout the day to celebrate with music and chants of ‘15, as soon as classes were in session, the campus quieted down as students and faculty settled into the new year. At Marin Academy, we recognize and encourage the importance of play and the joy that comes with it, and we also balance that with a challenging, academic curriculum. Our students demonstrate that balance each day in the courses they take, the activities they devote themselves to, and the spirit with which they engage.

Today, I’d like to celebrate the new leaders of 2015 and wish them the best of luck as they navigate through the transformative year ahead!

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