Scholastic Art Awards Honor MA’s Artists

Elena Janney: gold key winner for portfolio

Elena Janney/ Gold Key winner for portfolio

Schools that value arts and arts classes can set the standard for challenging and rigorous. One of the best examples of hands-on education, this discipline encourages and demands perspective and critical thinking. Anyone who has ever tried to hand build a ceramics piece, work in watercolor, work in acrylics or oils, or master the medium of photography knows that art is equal parts discovery and invention. Whether you are discussing composition, tone, or content, the creation of an art piece requires the commitment to an idea and the skill to execute a visual rendition or visual embodiment.

As an amateur watercolorist (much enthusiasm, a little skill) I have garnered important lessons that have shaped my approach to thinking and problem solving. In watercolor you have to have a plan and you have to be open to the unanticipated opportunity of how water and color interact with paper. The best laid plans are often foiled by happy accidents. The effective water colorist also understands to start always with a light wash, beginning to define a picture but not overly committing from the beginning. This process of painting reminds me of Lily Briscoe in To The Lighthouse. By the end of the novel, she finally understands exactly how to draw, exactly where to place the final stroke of her painting that makes all the difference.

Abbie Rosenbaum / Gold Key Winner artist's book with ink drawings

Abbie Rosenbaum / Gold Key Winner artist’s book with ink drawingsAstra Varian / Gold Key Winner charcoal drawingAstra Varian / Gold Key Winner charcoal drawing

At MA we value the art studio as much as the science labs for it is here that students test and refine ideas, develop resiliency and understand the work required to make a vision happen. And it is with these national art awards that our student-artists are distinguishing themselves in incredible ways, and we celebrate that every day.

paige woolman

Paige Woolman / Gold Key winner: drawing color pencil

Additional winners include:


Anna Dawson 2 gold key awards and 1 silver key award

Ari Goldstein 1 gold key award and 1 sliver key award

Amelia Howard 2 gold key awards and 3 silver key awards

Becca Hurwitz 1 gold key award and 2 silver key awards

Lindsay Levine 2 silver key awards

Sofie Werthan 2 silver key awards


Noahlani Litwinsella 1 gold key award

Wes Owen 1 gold key award


Audrey Bell 1 silver key award


Lizzie Chadbourne 2 silver key awards


Bryce Grubbs 1 silver key award

Mixed Media

Bevin McCullough 1 silver key award


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One Response to Scholastic Art Awards Honor MA’s Artists

  1. Mark Battat says:

    I am so amazed to see how our Fine Arts classes and students have excelled over the years. This is a far cry from my days in the freezing cold Art Barn with Barbara Gardener in the 70’s where our imaginations were unlimited but our materials were pretty basic. Congratulations to all!

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