Celebrating 5-Year Anniversaries at Marin Academy

As we head into the December vacation, I wish every family a restful and restorative break filled with time together and time to reflect on the past year. As part of MA’s holiday tradition to reflect on years past, we honor faculty, staff and administrators who have been at the school for increments of five years. This year we celebrated 14 members of our community, and I’ll be posting their appreciations over the next few weeks so you too can celebrate them for all the work they do and all the wonderful contributions they make to our school.

TrevorTrevor Calvert

Gentle soul is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Trevor.  Five years ago we were looking for a talented librarian who would join our community, bring value added around information technology, and generally support our library.  Well, we certainly got more than anyone could have hoped for in Trevor.  He is a poet, a writer, a tattoo bearing marshal artist.  More than those descriptors, he puts community at the center of all that he does.  More than once he has stepped in to help out whether in the Advancement office, through our growth in technology, or simply in individual personal moments with many of us.  Thoughtful, compassionate, Trevor enriches our community daily.  Thank you, Trevor for your commitment to MA.

AaronAaron Gill

Six years ago, MA functioned without a trainer, without anyone qualified to create or enact a concussion protocol, without anyone who could consult with coaches about injury prevention. In fact we didn’t even have someone who was really qualified to tape an athlete. What were we thinking!?  Then came Aaron.  MA Alum, highly qualified and experienced trainer whose real wish was to return to his school and serve an athletic program with his strong skills. Aaron sets high standards for athletes and coaches as well as for himself.  I literally sleep better at night knowing that Aaron is watching over our athletes and our athletic program.  Thank you, Aaron, for all that you do.

JohnJohn Kelly

It is my firm belief that, besides being the tallest person on campus, Kelly has more tools on his belt than just about anyone else. And he is an affable lunch companion.  An MA alum, he brings a sense of MA’s past and a vision for its future to his work in Theater Tech. His experience in staging isn’t just at MA; he plays a major role in the Dickens festival.  And how many among us could legitimately call working at Burning Man professional development?  Thank you, Kelly, for being back here at MA, for being there when the most technically challenged of us is ready to quit.


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