Celebrating 35-Year Anniversaries at Marin Academy

Last month at our employee holiday party, I read the following about one special individual who has worked at MA for thirty-five years. I share these appreciations here so that the larger community will know just how much we value these colleagues. This is the last of my milestone posts—after all, we’ve only been a school for 40 years! I look forward to sharing my first 40 post sometime in the future.

Thank you again to our wonderful faculty, staff, and administrators—Marin Academy wouldn’t be the same without you!

John Hicks

John Hicks

John Hicks

As I have thought this year about John’s recognition, I found myself wanting to make cute jokes about the fact that John has been teaching longer than some people in this room have been alive. The truth is, in the face of the awe-inspiring, we all get a little nervous and can move to humor. This reaction makes particular sense when I think of John, whose characteristic laugh as he rubs his head always brings me back to earth, to perspective. John opens his heart to us everyday at MA with his laughter, his unbounded curiosity about teaching and learning. But those are all things that John does when he is above water. He spends the other part of his life below the surface. We all know that he has done scuba outings forever, that he is, in fact, scuba at MA. He literally takes students, and faculty, and parents by the hand and teaches them to move, to breathe, and to see in a different environment. To me, this is what a master teacher does; this is what a master human being does. And John does it with an artist’s eye. Submerged, floating in water, through more than one lens, he uses his camera to capture wonder, color, nuance, another way of being, and he brings it to the surface for us to see, a gift, an offering of sorts, an invitation to join him where he loves to be. John, thank you for your artist’s eye, for inviting us on your journey, for sharing your spirit and laughter with us, for devoting your heart and soul to MA.

PS: It is my pleasure to announce that John has been awarded the McEvoy Sabbatical for the spring of 2014. Please join me in congratulating him!


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