Celebrating 25-Year Anniversaries at Marin Academy

In December at our employee holiday party, I read the following about individuals who have worked at MA for twenty-five years. I share these appreciations here so that the larger community will know just how much we value these colleagues. Later this week, I will share more about those who have reached other milestones during the 2012–2013 school year.

Thank you again to our wonderful faculty, staff, and administrators—Marin Academy wouldn’t be the same without you!

Dan Babior

Dan Babior

Dan Babior

Dan. Dan the Man. Dan is the man because year after year, he plays a critical role in making sure that each of us has the opportunity to do her best work with students who are joyful about learning and eager to engage at MA. They say that the drummer is like the quarterback of the musical group—a fitting concept since Dan is also a drummer. I often imagine him as that drummer, partially hidden behind the equipment, helping us keep the beat, keep the time. Dan has played many roles at our school: photography teacher, Visual Arts Department Chair, Academic Dean, and now Director of Admissions. If you can be a renaissance man and be from Berkeley, then Dan is a renaissance man. What I have come to appreciate most about Dan is his absolute commitment to the community of MA. His sense of history, respect for MA in all its glory and eccentricity, and his real growth mindset about our school have made him a most valued leader and colleague. Dan, thank you for your humor, your ability to slow down a conversation or speed one up when necessary, and thank you for all the wise counsel over these past few years.

Mark Stefanski

Mark Stefanski

Mark Stefanski

Inaugural recipient of the Thoreau Chair, Mark is known for his entrepreneurial sensibilities as a teacher, colleague, and community member. If you want something to happen in a creative way, ask Mark. If you want to collaborate with someone who is always interested in learning and growing, ask Mark. If you want to view one of the most interesting collections of t-shirts, ask Mark for a peak in his closet. As I stand on the corner or see him around Thacher, I find myself trying to read those t-shirts as talismans. Will they give me insight to Mark’s mood, his latest interest, or some local or global event that has occurred recently? Truthfully, I have just decided to enjoy them! Beyond the t-shirts, there is someone who focuses relentlessly on social justice, pushing the envelope of what it means to be fair. Thank you, Mark, for this quarter century of living that you have done at MA, for reminding us always to be part of the process, and for always connecting what you believe to what you do.


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2 Responses to Celebrating 25-Year Anniversaries at Marin Academy

  1. Dan and Mark were both huge influences on me in high school and continuing throughout life. Both were my advisors as well as my teachers, and I literally find myself saying things to my kids that they said to me. To say that I appreciate them and recall them fondly is an understatement! I’m glad that they’re continuing to change the lives of MA students 😀

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