Celebrating 20-Year Anniversaries at Marin Academy

At our employee holiday party in December, I read the following about individuals who have worked at MA for twenty years. I share these appreciations here so that the larger community will know just how much we value these colleagues. Over the next week, I will share more about those who have reached other milestones during the 2012–2013 school year.

Thank you again to our wonderful faculty, staff, and administrators—Marin Academy wouldn’t be the same without you!

Julie Feldman

Julie Feldman

Julie Feldman

It’s true: I would rather listen to Julie play the cello than Yo Yo Ma any day of the week, not because I begrudge Yo Yo his talent, but rather because I have watched Julie build a program. As the leader, creator, teacher, and visionary for our Chamber Music program, Julie has been tireless in creating joy and excellence through music with our students. She is realistic about where they begin as a group and relentless in shaping them into a real orchestra. First Fridays bring classical music to us in another way, her invention. Our students lead our concerts, her invention. Julie, thank you for setting a high bar for our students, for enriching our community through music, and for being such a believer in the MA experience.

Elisabeth Hodges

Elisabeth Hodges

Elisabeth Hodges

“Keep Calm and Carry On” has served our colleague Elisabeth Hodges as well as it has served the British Empire. In fact, all things British are the special purview of Elisabeth. She has studied at Oxford and made herself fluent in this majestic culture. No surprise, since Elisabeth has a bit of the majestic in her as well. For twenty years, Elisabeth has literally been helping us to advance MA. Behind the scenes often, immersed in data, and now the mistress of special events, she brings humor and a sense of can-do to the work she does. Her attention to detail means that everyone feels comfortable and that the event at hand can go on with grace and ease. Those of us who know Elisabeth understand what it takes to make it look easy. I am sure that in your impending grandmotherhood, you will continue to do the same. Elisabeth, thank you for your consistency, your ability to make things happen, your thoughtfulness and, of course, your insights on all things Kate and Wills!


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