Celebrating 5-Year Anniversaries at Marin Academy

Earlier this month at our employee holiday party, I read the following about individuals who have worked at MA for five years. I share these appreciations here so that the larger community will know just how much we value these colleagues. Over the next few weeks, I will share more about those who have reached other milestones during the 2012–2013 school year.

Thank you again to our wonderful faculty, staff, and administrators—Marin Academy wouldn’t be the same without you!

Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall

Most of us who begin our teaching careers in our very early 20s are taken for students by well-meaning parents—and even by some of our colleagues. Dave’s mark of wisdom—his grey hair—has kept him from this fate, as well it should. Dave has brought enthusiasm, a willingness to engage completely, and an appetite for questions to his work at MA. Several times a year, he drops in during office hours to share an opinion, make a comment, or pursue a thought. Dave, thank you for all that you have brought to MA.

Howard Rachelson

Howard Rachelson

Howard Rachelson

Although his tenure at MA has been only 5 years, Howard is the epitome of a life long dedicated teacher. We won’t hold his previous employment at that school in Ross against him because he has become an icon of so many things MA. Quiz bowl king is what our students know him as. We know him as the wise and humble teacher who has stepped in countless times to take over courses, or to sub in classrooms at a moment’s notice. Thank you, Howard, for your dedication to MA.

Lauren Toker

Lauren Toker

Lauren Toker

Lauren Toker was the first person I saw on my first day of work at MA. She was addressing her new staff of Crossroads for the first time, just as I was trying to figure out voicemail. From the beginning, Lauren has brought a profound commitment to education for all students to her work at Crossroads and with the Community Action Program. An adept program administrator, Lauren has transformed Crossroads into a significant community asset providing a rich, tuition-free program for students in Marin. She also partnered with me to transition MA to an Aim High site, serving more students in the summer. Lauren, thank you for your commitment and vision in service of all students.


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