Halloween at Marin Academy

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the school year. Even though we don’t have an official parade or party, like elementary and middle schools, Marin Academy’s teachers and students still manage to put on a great show. And we grow our own pumpkins in the garden!

Pumpkins from the Marin Academy garden

For the last few years, members of the science department have shared some special exhibits and demonstrations that, while maybe not so scary, are interesting, surprising and fun. Mark Stefanski did experiments with dry ice, creating some spooky and explosive concoctions.

Science teacher Mark Stefanski and his concoctions

Students made mini-explosions by sticking plastic pipettes filled with dry ice and sealed into a cup of water. Before…

…and after!

Nicole Jensen brought out lizards and spiders—some alive, and some deceased, but not haunted. Spud even dressed up for the occasion.

Science teacher Nicole Jensen on the left; Registrar Evie Koh on the right; Spud in both photos!

Marvelous insects and reptiles

Pablo in his mini-cave

Ellie Beyers used liquid nitrogen to create frozen spheres of ice by freezing water balloons. Frozen bananas and oranges followed.

Submerging water ballons in liquid nitrogen

Students gather around. Where’s Waldo?

Lots of costumes

Some of our talented students built a Tesla coil and produced electricity! While essential to life as we know it, there was a time when electricity was a frightening concept to many people—so this fits the Halloween theme.

MA’s own Tesla coil


For the grand finale, John Hicks and Jon Bretan warmed liquid nitrogen in a plastic bottle. Everyone stood safely away…but were still surprised by how loud the sound was.

John Hicks and Jon Bretan prepping the liquid nitrogen–safely.

Post-explosion surprised faces

That’s Jon Bretan on the left

What a great way to celebrate the spectacular and unusual on Halloween!

To see the full set of more than 40 photos, view the album on MA’s Facebook page. Thanks to Molly DeCoudreaux for documenting yesterday’s events! And thanks to our Marin Academy Parents Association (MAPA) volunteers for bringing our students treats!


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