Reflections on Back-to-School Night

A peek at last week’s assembly

I’ve been reflecting on Back-to-School Night over the last week. It was so wonderful to reconnect with so many parents and meet some new ones as well. I know the teachers appreciate putting names to faces (and sometimes seeing the resemblance between parents and children).

Back-to-School Night is one of the highlights of the year for heads of schools. Not only do we have the opportunity to show off our wonderful teachers, but we also are able to celebrate what we love the most: teaching, learning, and the mentoring of amazing young people. Parents who may have heard about teachers or courses at the dinner table get to experience classes in-person and can better picture what school is like for their children.

Studying in the library

But don’t take it from me—take it from one of our parents, who wrote Dean of Students Lynne Hansen:

“We had a great time at back to school night last night. I just wanted to thank you for bringing together (or being a central part of the team that brings together) such wonderful minds to the Marin Academy teaching staff.  Our son has been raving about his teachers this year, and after meeting them last night, we see why he is so excited. All of them are charismatic, energetic, exciting, and very bright.  And most importantly, it is very apparent that they all LOVE teaching the kids at MA. We are thrilled that he is so inspired to learn and to excel by such wonderful mentors. Thanks again for all you do at Marin Academy to change the lives of so many kids.”

Enjoying our good fall weather

I share in this parent’s thanks, as I too am so grateful to work with such inspiring colleagues. We look forward to continuing this student-parent-teacher partnership throughout the rest of the year.


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