Celebrating 40 Years of Marin Academy

What is so extraordinary about Marin Academy is the fact that there has been a school on this property since 1866. MA is on the oldest school site in California. Yet we are just turning 40 years old.

40th Anniversary Special Assembly

What does it mean to turn 40? Forty sounds old to teenagers, but what I hope is that it’s an early moment in our history. We want to have people looking back at today’s anniversary celebration in 40, 80, 120 years from now—though who knows what schools will look like then.

Curiosity, compassion, and the ability to make the world a better place are the values that have sustained us for the last forty years. These qualities were important in 1972; MA’s founders might not have used the same words, but we know from the types of classes and traditions, conversations with our alumni, and documents and photographs from the past that what is important now was important then. And they will sustain us in the future.

Today students, faculty, and staff danced to 1970s music in retro clothes, saw pictures from the MA archives, and enjoyed red and white cupcakes on the circle. Next week I’ll post more about the history of our campus. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from today’s celebration.

To see additional photos from today, check out our Facebook album.

All school BBQ

MAPA volunteers!

Yum! Lunch!


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Head of School, Marin Academy.
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2 Responses to Celebrating 40 Years of Marin Academy

  1. Susan Feder says:

    Love the photos! Thanks for your poignant and thoughtful words, Travis!

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