They’re Back!

School begins!

I’m still coming down from the excitement of the first day of school yesterday. The Class of 2013 put on a fantastic show in our first assembly of the year, screaming, whistling, jumping, and stomping every time anyone uttered “2013.” We welcomed 108 new students in the Class of 2016, and I am thrilled to get to know each of them. And I can’t forget about 2014 and 2015—many students are looking taller, more mature, and refreshed from the summer.

BBQ in the courtyard

Yesterday was Marin Academy’s 40th first day of school. Forty years ago, students congregated on the circle, teachers prepared their materials for their first classes, and everyone began learning together. Many things were different—there was no athletic center; students didn’t ride razor scooters; and you can imagine the hairstyles, fashions, and music—but the joyful spirit of our students remains the same.

Our new student body president, Stephen Hannon, shared the following words with our 500+ community:

“I’d like to offer a piece of advice: don’t wait until. Don’t wait until that other person introduces him- or herself first, don’t wait until later to take Taiko, Aikido, or Outdoor Skills, and don’t wait until second semester to go on your only outing. Until isn’t followed by a “we were friends“ or a “then it got better.” Until is usually followed by “it’s too late.” Don’t wait ‘until’ to go to a sports game, see a theater show, or dance like a madman at a school concert. Don’t wait ‘until’ to show up with energy, compassion, and spirit—do it this year. Do it right now.”

Welcome to the 2012–2013 school year—it’s great to have everyone back!

Check out 40 photos from the first day of school on Director of Alumni Relations Beth Sherman’s blog From the Steps of Foster Hall.


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2 Responses to They’re Back!

  1. Ellen says:

    Have a great year Travis and MA! Thanks for the link to Beth’s blog–it’s wonderful and I encourage everyone to subscribe!

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