Summer with Aim High and Marin Academy

Aim High

After a full week of teacher training, this week we welcomed approximately 75 middle school students to Marin Academy for a five-week educational program, Aim High, that focuses on academic enrichment, co-curricular activities, and college awareness.

Aim High is a Bay Area nonprofit that oversees thirteen summer programs in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, and the peninsula. This year, Aim High will serve more than 1,400 middle school students and launch its first rural program in Tahoe/Truckee. Aim High is also this year’s recipient of the San Francisco Foundation’s Community Leadership Award.

Aim High

Aim High at Marin Academy is a unique and vibrant collaboration with our own Crossroads program. Crossroads was created in 2001 in response to the interest of the MA community to become active in addressing the economic and educational divide in San Rafael. In researching this issue, the program’s founding team found that because of socioeconomic status, limited access to information, immigrant status, large class sizes, and/or language barriers, many students attending San Rafael public schools were in need of individual attention and supplemental learning experiences that could help them fully realize their potential.

Crossroads identifies ambitious and motivated sixth graders attending San Rafael public schools to work with over the course of three years. During this time, the program aims to reinforce academic skills, build self-confidence, facilitate success in high school and college, and promote responsibility, integrity, and leadership. Crossroads offers an academic school year programming in the form of homework support, individual tutoring, and leadership development classes. Crossroads students transition seamlessly into Aim High for the summer and learn alongside an additional 30 students from the local area.

Aim High

This summer marks the third year of a partnership with Aim High, and we couldn’t be more excited. While Crossroads continues to serve local middle school students during the school year, joining Aim High has allows us to strengthen our summer offerings and accommodate more students. Aim High combines intensive, engaging, and challenging academic classes with activities and events that create opportunities for leadership development and community exploration. Students join after fifth or sixth grade and participate for three or four consecutive summers at no cost to them or their families.

Now our quiet campus is abuzz with middle school students and their teachers—some of whom are current MA students or MA alumni. This is a wonderful thing as we are able to be of the community instead of just in the community.

If you’d like to learn more about Aim High, join us for Visiting Day on Thursday, July 19 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (including lunch). Please RSVP to

Aim High


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4 Responses to Summer with Aim High and Marin Academy

  1. Ann Mathieson says:

    Great article about AIM HIGH! I’m so proud that MA is partnering with so many great organizations (AIM HIGH, Next Generation Scholars, 10K Degrees) to assure that more kids in our neighborhood (San Rafael) get an opportunity for an enriching educational experience….and a leg up towards college. Marin Academy not only contributes our beautiful campus for the summer, but provides an elite level of educational leadership and credibility. I highly recommend visiting the program on July 19th and contributing your time and/or money to Crossroads, AIM HIGH, NGS and/or 10K Degrees — a winning combination! Ann Mathieson

  2. Serena Chao says:

    Hello Travis,
    I was referred to you by Catherine Hunter. I read about your wonderful program and was wondering if you still need any more help this summer. I have a son who will be a senior at Redwood High School who would be interested in volunteering and helping with math tutoring. He is away at camp this week, hence the note from me. Please let me know or guide me to the person to talk to.
    We would love to help,
    Serena Chao

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