A Valentine’s Salute

The MA wildcat loves you!

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! From Marin Academy’s Parents Association (MAPA) serving cupcakes in the courtyard to students delivering carnations to a screening of the movie “Valentine’s Day” at lunch, the was a lot of love in the air yesterday. The love continued today with the faculty/staff appreciation lunch—many thanks to MAPA for a wonderful treat!

I’d like to give a special valentine’s salute to some members of our community who often go unmentioned: our Board of Trustees. This fearless group of alumni, current parents, alumni parents, faculty, and administrators give so much  of their time, talent, and treasure to Marin Academy.

The 2011-2012 Marin Academy Board of Trustees

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing Glady Thacher to a room full of Gary Snyder fans at Lit Fest. Snyder’s visit was made possible through the James F. Thacher Endowment, named after Jim Thacher, MA’s founding board president and Glady’s late husband. When Jim founded Marin Academy 40 years ago, there were 59 students; thanks to his support and leadership, MA is now home to 400 students and is thriving. Today Marin Academy’s trustees serve as guardians of our mission and purpose.

Thank you Barry, Kathy, Kris, Stephen, Cregg, Patrick, Jeff, Mitch, Mary, Jefferson, Laura, Dick, Sara, Ann, Braden, Rosemary, Brandon, Emilie, Michael, Paul, Rebecca, Eric, Barbara, and Adam for giving Marin Academy so much of your love. We are lucky to have you at the helm!


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One Response to A Valentine’s Salute

  1. Kathleen Dell says:

    A heart-feldt Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Travis, for all of the wonderful things you do for our community!

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