Begin anywhere.

magnetic board with cards, including "begin anywhere"

The view from above my desk.

As a former English teacher, I’ve coached hundreds of students in writing essays, journals, responses, creative works. “Begin anywhere” is good advice for someone with writer’s block. And now I’m taking my own advice for this blog.

At Marin Academy (as well as in other independent schools), we talk about educating for the twenty-first century. This phrase evokes collaboration and interdisciplinary study, multiculturalism and a global lens, democracy and civic engagement, but most significantly, technology. Though we don’t know what the final nine decades of the twenty-first century will bring, we do know that the first eleven years have brought tremendous changes in technology, especially social media. Jokes about our kids on Facebook are now cliché. Articles about Google+ and education have cropped up over the last few weeks. Social media workshops and presentations have become a mainstay in educational conferences.

I’m no social media expert, but I’m committed to participating in discussions in the online sphere. Rather than formal letters every month (though there will still be a few), this is the place where I will share my thoughts on MA, education, independent schools, adolescent development, and whatever else is percolating in our classrooms and hallways. I will also share the voices and the spirit of MA. I invite your feedback and participation—guest blogging is encouraged, and the comment function is on.

At our new parent coffee last week, I shared a story about my family to the nervous/excited parents who had just dropped off their nervous/excited freshmen for orientation. This summer, my son Jack reached a milestone by climbing out of his crib. Since my partner Liz and I weren’t in the room, we’re not sure how he did it, but we suspect that it involved the changing table (and that his twin brother Henry watched the whole scene unfold). The reactions in the parent crowd (mostly laughter) indicated their relief—it has been a long time since their children were nineteen months old. But their sons and daughters have reached a milestone of their own with their first day of school. If we’ve learned anything from the MA parents who have come before, it is that high school will fly by before they (or we) know it.

So consider this blog another milestone for MA, and stay in touch.


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Head of School, Marin Academy.
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10 Responses to Begin anywhere.

  1. Patrick Sherwood says:

    Well done, Travis. The medium as message? This suits you and the spirit of MA very well.

  2. Cathy says:

    Love the blog, Travis. From your comments at the parent coffee on orientation day I thought this would be a twin blog, (which I was already interested in), but an MA blog is even better! Whatever you write, I will read.

  3. Travis says:

    Thanks so much, Cathy. It is wonderful to be able to share thoughts and perspectives with some many people (and pass on twin info, too!).

  4. Ann Morrissey says:

    Whatever you write, I, too, will read–always significant and always beautifully expressed. Thank you Travis and all those in the communications department who helped launch this new blog. Hope the “interactiveness” of this new medium doesn’t consume your every moment! Ann

  5. Kyle Roach says:

    This is Kyle Roach from d block hum dev, my suggestion for you is to talk more about athletics.

  6. Travis says:

    Hi Kyle,
    Thanks for doing your assignment. In one of my next posts, probably next week, I will write about athletics. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

  7. Mark Rayant says:

    Hi Travis,
    This is Mark from D block Hum Dev. Great job on the blog! These posts are pretty cool.

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